viernes, junio 30, 2006

Spondylus shell charm

Normally, the Spondylus shell gets a treatment before it gets the stores to become a piece of jewellery.

I was searching for a perfect stone or shell for one of my designs, but suddenly I found this small piece of Spondilus shell without the treatment, it was almost in its original phase, with some natural damage and some marks.

I choose this one because it is just the way it its, the way the ancient cultures of Peru used.

950 silver, Spondylus shell, handmade

M.Aldito.Arte... El Aldo+Pilar

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irene silva dijo...

Pues al parecer alguien estuvo cavando en ese Spondylus, parecen marcas de poliquetos, hubiera preferido el dije en marco asimetrico. Precio? dimensiones?