jueves, octubre 30, 2008

Kinwa earrings

Kinwa is the quechua word for Quinoa, this amazing seed that grows in the Andes of South America. For the Incas was a sacred seed and was the Inca Emperor who traditionally sow the first seeds of the season. They referred to quinoa as the "chasiya mama" or "the mother of all grains"
Quinoa was the inspiration for this unique and beautiful earrings, the beautiful fields of Quinoa in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the wind that blows gently the leafs and the seeds of this millenarian and sacred plant...
The Kinwa earrings are made with crocheted fine silver using the peruvian stitch. a nice and delicate cadmiola stone give this earrings a wonderful touch and finally ended with a 950 silver hooks.the earrings are 2 inchs long.

Fine silver, 950 silver, cadmiola stone
Design by Pilar

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