domingo, junio 07, 2009

M.Aldito.Arte news!!!

Hi all,
M.Aldito.Arte has been featured in some amazing blogs and websites!!!.. Isn't that cool? well here are the links

Wild Word of Artists, Crafters, Designers, Collectors and Etsy!
(Alice's rabbit)

Audrey's Country Craft
(M.Aldito.Arte's Etsy shop)

Etsy Item of the day (for June 6th)
(Flor de Huayruro)

Etsy Item Of The Day

Soooo take a look, enjoy the feature and the blogs that they are really amazing to read and follow!!!


2 comentarios:

Audrey dijo...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!! I love your shop and happy to show it off on my blog.

silver investments dijo...

thanks for making this site within our reach!